November 3, 2015



IBM Corporation is the world’s largest provider of information technology hardware and software, enabling companies to take full advantage of the new era of e-business.

We partner with IBM to offer the complete IBM product family, including hardware and software, to our clients. We combine IBM’s industry-leading products with our expertise to deliver pragmatic solutions to real-world business problems. Leveraging our experience, capabilities, and people, we consolidate and integrate IBM products into proven solutions for faster implementation and increased productivity. Together, newpage Technology and IBM offer solutions that maximize business results while delivering cost savings, reducing risk, and expanding our clients capabilities.




JBoss, a division of Red Hat, is the global leader in open source middleware software, combining enterprise-class JEMS open source software with the industry’s leading services and tools to provide simply a better way to transform your business to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

We are experts in many JBoss products such as JBoss Application Server, JBoss Seam and RichFaces to name a few.



APPLEĀ is a computer software and hardware company that designs and creates iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, the OS X operating system, and the revolutionary iPhone.

Our partnership with Apple allows us to have an edge compared to our competition in developing robust Mac OS X and iPhone applications.



ADOBE is the company behind Flex 3. Adobe Flex 3 software is a rich Internet application framework based on Adobe Flash that enables us to productively create beautiful, scalable applications that can reach virtually anyone on any platform. newpage Technology is an Adobe Solution Partner.