November 2, 2015



The High-tech industry is driven by intense competition, continuous product innovation and swift responses to market global sourcing strategies to address new markets. As a consequence, supply chain efficiencies are becoming critical and manufacturing processes are becoming complex. We are witnessing mounting pressure to adopt green principles. The industry is moving towards a new business paradigm by integrating products with support services in a bid to create new and long-term revenue streams.

The key components of newpage Technology High-Tech industry solutions encompass the following areas:

  • Product Life Cycle
  • Big Data and Advanced Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Enterprise Services
  • Sales and Service Transformation

Our capabilities cater to a wide set of industry needs. So, whether your focus is on innovation, market penetration, addressing new markets or efficiency, we offer complete end-to-end solutions with customized engagement models and help you do your business better.